12/12/11 John Mannion, Timeghost, Hands Rendered Useless @ the Red Light District, N.Y.C.
10/09/10 State of Decline, Mutant Supremacy, Hellbastard @ Club Europa, Brooklyn N.Y.
10/05/10 Sleep to Death @ Lit Lounge, N.Y.C.
09/27/10 Merzbow @ Le Poisson Rouge, N.Y.C.
09/23/10 Villains, Nails, Venomous Concept @ Club Europa, Brooklyn N.Y.
08/17/10 Diablo, Justice Yeldham, Yellow Tears, Dave Phillips @ the Red Light District, N.Y.C.
06/26/10 The Bastard Noise @ Cake Shop, N.Y.C.
06/15/10 Peopling, Slasher Risk, Blue Sabbath Black Fiji @ Goodbye Blue Monday Brooklyn, N.Y.
03/26/09 Jim Haynes, Freida Abtan, Nurse With Wound @ Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, Ca.


03/01/16 Mike Mazzotta/Videopunks
07/03/13 Bob Wirtz/NXR Visuals
12/03/12 Tony Rolando/Make Noise
10/06/12 Compactor
05/11/12 Jonathan Ray/Skincage
03/04/12 Steven Litt/Crudlabs
01/26/12 Timeghost
12/22/11 Lars Larsen/LZX Industries
06/17/11 Embarker
06/10/11 Rust Worship
06/05/11 Self Avoiding Walk
08/21/10 Bob Bellerue
07/20/10 Fade Kainer
06/14/10 Slasher Risk
06/08/10 Theologian
06/04/10 Clang Quartet


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